“Daughter of Smoke and Bone” — A Book Rant

daughter of smoke and bone

Okay, my first book rant. Here it goes…brace yourselves.

Before I commit to reading or buying a book, I always check out the reader reviews. Every review I read for Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor said this book was phenomenal. I mean, people RAVED over it, saying things like, “Absolutely Perfect,” “Breathtaking and Heartbreaking,” and “Exceeded Expectations.” This seems to be the opinion of the masses.

What’s the truth about this novel (and its sequel, Days of Blood and Starlight)? Total crap. This series is horrible and extremely anomalous and hard to get through. I tend to devour books in a matter of days (if not hours), but both books in this series took me TWO WEEKS to finish.

To back up my claims of the horridness of this series, let me paint you a picture… Karou, a girl with blue hair, that grows that way out of her head (I’m not going to lie, that part is pretty cool), is an art student in Prague and has a knack for drawing portraits of odd looking creatures and monsters. Doesn’t sound so awful yet…but wait! The monsters that Karou draws—Brimstone; a “man” with a ram’s head, lion haunches, raptor feet, and crocodile eyes; Issa a lady with a snake tail, the hood and fangs of a cobra, clothing herself with snakes;  Yarsi, appearing to be completely human, but for the parrot beak on her face—are her family, the only family she has ever known.

Weird right? And the strangeness doesn’t stop there…Brimstone (her father figure) has Karou go on errands, going through portals and traveling all over the world to collect teeth. That’s right, TEETH. Human teeth and animal teeth, alike. What does he need teeth for you ask? YOU DON’T FIND OUT UNTIL ALMOST THE END! And worse, Karou hardly even questions what he uses these teeth for…she’s just a selfish girl who brings them to him because he grants her simple wishes (such as magically “knowing” a different language, making an ex’s family jewels itch during a nude modeling session for her art class, and her blue hair) in exchange for the service.

Oh, and of course, there’s also a ridiculously gorgeous angel that Karou falls for, who is going around the world marking the portals that she uses to travel with a black handprint, assigning them for destruction. And, predictably, Karou (who is supposedly human) and Akiva (the seraphim) are forbidden to be together, thus making Akiva’s siblings (Hazael and Liraz) set out on a personal mission to destroy Karou.

All in all, this book (and its sequel) are just weird. Now don’t get me wrong, I am all about weird…I live for reading about the strange and supernatural, but Daughter of Smoke and Bone just takes weird to a whole new level—and not a good one. Just trying to keep all of the different chimera creatures straight is enough to give you a headache. And once you finally start to figure out what the hell is actually going on and things start getting explained (somewhat), the book ends!

Now, I have to admit, I was intrigued enough to read the sequel , Days of Blood and Starlight, just because the first book ended on such a cliffhanger. But you can be certain that I will not be reading the third and final book in the series. I just don’t care that much. The series is weird (in a bad way) and boring and tedious. Don’t waste your time!

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