“The Host”—Another typical Stephenie Meyer film.


I saw The Host this weekend, and while I wasn’t “disappointed,” I also wasn’t “awed.” If you have read the novel, The Host by Stephenie and enjoyed it, the movie is worth seeing. But if you haven’t read the book, don’t expect the movie to be anything special.

The film followed the novel almost to a “T”, but thankfully cut out a lot of unnecessary fluff. For example, a scene that lasted about 100 pages in the book was summed up in about 3 minutes of screen time. The costuming and filming sites were spot on from what I pictured in my head when I read the book, which I greatly appreciated. And the romance did bring out my inner chic, causing me to squeal and “eeeeap.” However, the effect of having the one body host two minds was better achieved in my mind while I read…the dual voice switchover while staring at the same body in the film was just weird and a bit annoying.

My boyfriend (who has not read the novel) found the movie insanely annoying and lackluster, but with a lap full of theater snacks, the movie was as bearable as can be expected of a guy for movie made from a Stephenie Meyer book.

All in all I would give this movie three out of five stars.


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