“Altered”—A Book Review


Altered by Jennifer Rush…the only word I can think of to accurately describe this book is “meh.”

For the past several years, four boys have been held captive in Anna’s basement. Her father works for some organization called “The Branch” and does experiments and records data on their progress and whatnot, because the boys have somehow been “altered,” but how and for what purpose we never really find out. And now that Anna is old enough (at the age of sixteen), she gets to help.

Of course, Anna is madly in love with one of the boys (the stereotypical “hot guy” who is also kind). The three other guys have very stereotypical personalities as well, which kinda bugged me: You have your bad boy, your intellectual, and the playful puppy dog.

One day when The Branch comes in for a visit to check on the progress of the program, things go amiss and people get shot and the boys escape with Anna after her dad helps tells them to keep her safe. So now there are big scary agency type men after them, and they have to steal cars and keep a low profile, yadda yadda yadda.

So Anna and the guys hide out together, trying to decipher clues and learn who they are and when they entered The Branch (because their memories have naturally been wiped clean)and what The Branch planned to do with them. There are fights and shootings and mystery files….and that’s pretty much all that happens.

To be honest, from the summary on the inside cover of the book, I was kind of hoping for a least a little romance, but you are literally only given a snippet. Quite disappointing.

All in all I give this book two out of five stars. I was definitely not intrigued enough to read the sequel when it comes out.